COVID Brain – Understanding the Effects of COVID Fog on Mental Health

COVID Brain Illustration Showing Brain Changed and Mental Health Concerns

COVID-19 changed our entire society seemingly overnight, resulting in a collective trauma psychologists believe will span for generations. Some call it COVID Brain. Blind optimism made us think government mandates would be lifted by June, and the little information we had about this unknown virus convinced us it was just the flu. With over 115…

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Your DNA Can Determine… Addiction?

A call was placed to the Sheriff’s department late one Saturday night. The caller frantic and sobbing was pleading to send an ambulance to his house.  Some girl was found unresponsive in the back bedroom with a baggie of heroin and needles. She appeared to have overdosed on heroin. Within three minutes, a Sheriff entered the…

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How a Parent’s Attitude Influences Teen Drug Use

Substance use among teens, including alcohol, marijuana, prescription medicines, and other drugs, is a rampant problem in the United States. While many parents are aware of the problem itself, they may not realize just how their own attitude, as well as societal influence, can influence their teenager’s decision to try drugs and alcohol and in…

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5 Places Your Teen is Hiding Drugs

Where is Your Teen hiding drugs

Five Common Places Teens may be hiding their substances in your Home Many teenagers are more clever than parents give them credit for. Teens know the old tried and true hiding spots their parents used don’t work anymore, and possess a veritable list of alternative hiding spots. They are both creative and selective when choosing…

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