5 Places Your Teen is Hiding Drugs

Where is Your Teen hiding drugs

Five Common Places Teens may be hiding their substances in your Home

Many teenagers are more clever than parents give them credit for. Teens know the old tried and true hiding spots their parents used don’t work anymore, and possess a veritable list of alternative hiding spots. They are both creative and selective when choosing where to harbor their stash, which makes it difficult and often frustrating to catch a teen in the act; even when you have strong suspicion that your son or daughter may be involved in illicit substance use or possession.

Many of the old stash spots are obsolete and parents can be lost on where to begin their search. Only the most reckless of teenagers would use the sock drawer. The inside of speakers are obsolete simply because sound systems have evolved into small solid bricks. For many parents, even the experienced ones, are at a loss for ideas when these two are exhausted. Here are five common hiding spots that teens may be using to hide their stash right under your nose.


1. Light Switches

Two short screws are all that hide kids from this secret spot that’s just large enough to hide a small personal amount of drugs or paraphernalia. Check the light switches in your kid’s bedroom and bathroom.


2. Old Board Games

If your son or daughter has a stack of board games in their closet left over from their childhood, they might see them as the perfect stash spot. Many board games have small holes and pockets as well.


3. Jacket pockets

Although tedious to search for, a favorite hiding spot for teenagers is the pockets of their winter jackets that spend the summer collecting dust in the back of the closet. Depending on how large the collection, your son or daughter may have many items of clothing to choose from and the only way of being sure is to check every pocket of every jacket.


4. Covert safe spots

Hiding spots come in all shapes and sizes. If you see one item on their desk that has not moved for weeks, or is in a suspicious location, it’s probably a good idea to give it a thorough check. Common safe objects include aerosol cans, soda cans, pens, highlighters, shaving cream cans, and coffee travel mugs.


5. On their person

Many teens believe the safest place to hide their stash in on their person. This method also allows for the easiest access when they want it. Do not be afraid to search your teen’s things, as this is also the easiest way for your child to get caught by police or other authority figures.

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