Our Facility Seeks to Meet Our Mission

“Waterford Counseling’s mission is to improve the lives of those in our community who struggle with mental illness, trauma exposure and substance use challenges by providing therapy, education, and accountability. We empower. We restore.”

Waterford Counseling is an outpatient therapeutic program designed to assist adolescents and adults suffering from behavioral disorders with underlying emotional disturbances, substance abuse issues, trauma experiences and educational disruptions.

Our goals and objectives are to provide our clients with coping mechanisms and therapeutic support to live more successfully from the effects of trauma, systemic family dysfunctions, and to increase mental, emotional, social, education, spiritual and physical stability and functionality.

Waterford Counseling provides a safe, caring, and supportive environment for adolescents and adults struggling with behavioral choices and substance use. Through our series of supervised programs, we help our clients transition from residential treatment back into everyday life while offering ongoing stability and support as they develop lifelong strategies for health and success.

Offering Safe Therapy Treatment Plans for Teens

Each of our clients benefit from a complete assessment of their needs, identifying the emotional, mental, and environmental factors contributing to their addiction and dependency. Using these insights, we develop comprehensive treatment plans to assist them in developing alternative coping
behaviors, increasing personal accountability, and strengthening family ties.

As the clients work through our series of programs, they become equipped with sustainable ways to cope with the triggers of their addiction, poor life choices, and repeated negative behaviors while experiencing the intrinsic rewards of moving into a new phase of personal health and fulfillment.